SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTLooking for the best software for your dream project? You have come to the right place since Aquarious Technology is a top software development company in Kolkata.

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Are you looking for a way to make your business stand out? Our team of experts can help you to achieve just that. We are a top software development company in Kolkata with a long list of satisfied customers.

Our talented designers and developers have helped many businesses build their online presence, establish reputation through dynamic websites & apps that deliver proper results! With over a decade of successful experience, we'll provide custom solutions that will stand true to your expectations!

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Bespoke Software

Our organisation completely supports bespoke software development. We are a company with an impressive track record of helping organisations of all sizes to achieve their goals using exceptional, well-tested technology solutions. Whilst we are well-versed in using a variety of off-the-shelf tools and systems to create websites, web applications, CRMs and online shops, we excel at saving your time by building bespoke, purpose-driven software solutions using agile methodology.


Don't let off-the-shelf limited options keep your company from accomplishing its crucial goals. Whilst ready-made solutions usually save money and time in the short run, they also tend to lock companies in an ecosystem that only partially addresses the companies' specific needs, and they end up costing more in the long run. This can also toy with the security of your project. We understand your need for adequate protection, and this top software development company in Kolkata works around the clock to ensure that you have no reasons to worry!

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Certified experts

If you're looking for an experienced team of developers to create bespoke software with all the features you want, customised to your organisation's needs and wants, you've found exactly that. We can create that ideal solution from simple web applications to bespoke CRM systems.

Quick implementation

We only stop once you are at ease. In this dynamic, fast paced world, we understand the value of your time. Hence, we make sure to implement any instructions you have for us right away. We offer you a turn around time that will leave you in absolute awe!

Technology Agnostic

We know exactly how to stay out of the box when it comes to our technology! Here, we are fully unbiased towards the use of different technology tools to present different business website solutions. We believe there is no 'one size fits all’ solution in the website development industry, and we are open to working with clients to determine the ‘right’ solution that best fits their needs.


We've made our name creating web applications and software that fix real business issues and offer tangible benefits on a day-to-day basis. From basic database management systems to business-critical, end-to-end workflow applications, we create digital solutions that focus on usability, ensuring all our solutions are intuitive, user-friendly and practical.

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We are a leading agile software development company who specialises in building customised web solutions. We’ve worked with many companies of varying size, so no matter if you are a startup or large organisation, we have the resources to cope with major projects and are still flexible to work with smaller yet complex methods and systems. Whilst we are wizards of the modern web and web applications, we have worked on everything from custom CRM systems and customer portals to seamless frontend designs.


We are not like any other organisation you have ever seen before! Ultimately, we are logical problem solvers on a quest for more significant and complex challenges and experiences - we're obsessive about finding solutions! Our fundamental goal is to create value and efficiency for our clients, giving them back the time they didn't have before. Everything is possible with our expertise and experience, coupled with our client's vision.



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    We believe this is the most important step! After understanding what you want out of your site, we begin to plan to implement it. So let us know exactly what you want. Be specific, we challenge you!

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    Now that we are acquainted with what you want, let our designers get to work. Our design team does not rest till we get it right. From intricate, detailed designs to simple and sophisticated layouts, what is it that suits the persona of your business? Be rest assured, we have it all!

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    Hereafter, it is the moment for your developers to shine. We develop your ideas exactly as you picture them. We take complete responsibility to ensure that your project is well suited for your business. Our developers will offer you expert advice as we buckle down and turn our engines on!

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    Now, it’s time for our hard work to pay off! After the completion of your project, you can go ahead and show off the masterpiece to the world. Need adjustments after delivery? Don’t worry, get in touch with us, we are here for you!

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